Androfill Aftercare

The quality of Aftercare you receive will determine the quality of your result from a penis filler procedure.

Aftercare includes instructions on how to mould and shape filler once you have left the clinic and how to care for the penis in the days and weeks following your procedure.

Downloadable Instructions

Specific Ellansé Instructions

If you have had the filler Ellansé you must get in contact with the clinic on the evening of the procedure by phone or Whatsapp +44 7426 040086 or 020 3633 0026. There are special aftercare instructions for Ellansé which can vary from patient to patient.

Androfill Hyaluronic acid Instructions


 Take the full course of antibiotics prescribed to you and follow any instructions given by the doctor.

You must not have sexual intercourse for 2 weeks following the procedure.

Explanation: Having sex before 2 weeks could cause an infection and will cause the filler to move. Masturbation and ejaculation are allowed following the procedure.

You must not go to the gym, engage in heavy physical work or exercise, or run for 1 week.

Explanation: Public gyms can have a high rate of bacteria. Exercises such as squats may disrupt the filler and the impact of running may move filler in the first week before it is set. Excessive sweating from physical activity can also spread infection.

You should be able to gain and maintain an erection in order to mould effectively.

Explanation: To mould filler effectively the patient must press the filler against their erect penis shaft. Pressing into filler against a flaccid or semi-erect penis will be less effective, as when the filler is pressed into there is less resistance from the penis shaft. Ask your doctor for a prescription for Erective Dysfunction (ED) medication such as Viagra if in doubt, or pick some up beforehand from Boots pharmacy, or online pharmacies.

You must wear supportive underwear for 1 week following the procedure.

Explanation: You must keep the penis supported (not hanging down). Wear supportive underwear for 1 week following the procedure, changing daily. Please wear supportive underwear on the day of your procedure.

If your penis is left hanging down and unsupported in boxer shorts or similar, gravity and the impact of walking may cause the filler which has not set to move down towards the head of the penis.

We have supportive underwear available at the clinic for £22 per pair, or please buy your own. There is a John Lewis department store nearby the clinic.

Example of the type of underwear that provides support to the penis following the procedure.

The underwear does not need to be this specific brand.

The important factor is that it stops the penis from hanging down unsupported following the procedure.

Example of Supportive Underwear

Filler Moulding

Get erect

Dermal filler is best moulded (if any moulding is necessary), when erect, as the erect shaft provides resistance into which the filler can be pressed.

If you have any doubt regarding your ability to achieve an erection after your procedure, bearing in mind your penis may be a little tender, please ask the doctor for a prescription of erectile dysfunction medication (Viagra).

Malleability of the filler

There is some initial malleability to Hyaluronic acid-based fillers, (you can mould the filler by applying pressure to it to spread and flatten it out when erect). This can be of benefit in allowing you to smooth out small irregularities.

If you want to move the filler towards the head or the base, then you will be able to massage it somewhat in either direction while the penis is erect. It is best to start moulding as soon as possible (but a minimum of 4 hours after the procedure). As each day passes the filler will integrate with surrounding tissue and ‘set’ more firmly becoming harder to move and adjust.

The hyaluronic acid dermal filler will integrate with the penile tissue during the first 14 days. After this period any abnormal placement will need to be dissolved and reinjected, which is possible only with Hyaluronic acid fillers.

Note: Dissolving is not possible with Ellanse. Hyaluronic acid filler can be spot dissolved to adjust small areas if necessary (there is no need to dissolve all the filler in order to make a correction).

The harder the Hyaluronic acid filler, the more difficult it will be to mould, please see

Detailed Instructions

  • Wash your hands first and then attain an erection.
  • Evaluate visually and by touch how the filler is distributed along the penis shaft.
  • You should not try to spread filler to the underside of the penis (the side pointing to the floor when erect), spread along the top and sides only.
  • If there is any unevenness, for example, filler concentrated in one area and not others, then press firmly into the protruding filler using the erect shaft as resistance. Note: A light pressure will probably be insufficient, press firmly (but not so firmly as to cause significant pain).
  • If there are any small lumps of filler that do not spread easily, pinch them between your thumb and finger and they will gradually break up (think of squashing jelly beans).
  • The earlier you start moulding the filler the better, by day 4 or 5 the filler is almost ‘set’ and becomes very difficult to mould.
  • If you can’t seem to smooth out the filler or if it has already set, it can be altered back in the clinic with a dissolving enzyme, if you have chosen a Hyaluronic acid filler.
  • Please call the clinic if you need guidance on how to mould the filler: 020 3633 0026 or text +44 7426 040086 – do not hesitate to call at any time, the earlier you contact us the better.

Moulding Videos

The video below is of a patient moulding filler approximately 4 hours following their procedure.

The patient moulds the filler for approximately 30 minutes, or until the shape looks and feels smooth, when erect.

The patient will repeat this process over the next few days, morning and evening, and if there is time to during the day until all irregularities are smoothed out.

Once the shape looks and feels good when erect, it is not necessary to continue the moulding process.

Some patients may only mould once for 10 minutes before the shape looks and feels good when erect. They can then simply check on the erect shape over the next few days without needing to mould further. There should be no sexual intercourse for 2 weeks as it may dislodge and distort the filler shape, however, it is fine to masturbate.

Patients can largely ignore the shape of the penis when flaccid for 2 weeks following the procedure as the shape when flaccid will be significantly distorted by swelling.

In the video below, the patient is using an optional sports strapping bandage during the moulding process. This type is bandage is quite firm and should only be used during moulding. Do not leave it on overnight, in case you get a nocturnal erection leaving no space for the filler, resulting in the filler diffusing / migrating / moving to a space where there is less pressure.

The benefit of using a bandage of this type is that the force applied to the filler can be more evenly distributed, resulting in a flatter result.

General Information

It takes a couple of weeks for Hyaluronic acid dermal filler to stabilise, absorb water and diffuse. For this reason, it may be necessary to come back 2-4 weeks after treatment. If more product is required to ensure even coverage, this can be injected during the patient’s follow-up consultation at the patient’s expense.

Bruising and tenderness will vary a lot from patient to patient. Bruising will often become more apparent a day or two after the procedure and may last for 1 week.

Swelling can result for up to 2 weeks and might be quite impressive. If significant swelling remains beyond a few days, please contact our clinic.

A small amount of residual swelling may be apparent for up to 2 weeks, or even 1 month in some cases if the patient has had a lot of filler.

If you have any significant pain or difficulty passing urine, please call the clinic as soon as possible.

Do not use penis extenders or other devices that fasten behind the penis head for at least 1 month. Tight straps, fasteners or vacuum devices such as pumps may cause the product to shift or cause indents.

Uncircumcised Patients

During the injection, we need to be careful to not place too much product towards the head of the penis, especially in uncircumcised men. If too much filler is placed near the head of the penis it may make it more difficult for some patients to retract the foreskin of the penis.

The risk is higher in patients who already have mild to severe Phimosis (Phimosis is a condition in which the foreskin of the penis cannot easily be pulled back past the glans/ penis head when erect).

If you notice excessive product around the head, try to massage this back up the shaft towards the base of the penis.

It is particularly important for uncircumcised patients to keep the penis supported in supportive underwear (briefs), so that gravity, diffusion and the impact of walking does not cause the filler to migrate down towards the head.

Uncircumcised patients may be more prone to filler migrating to the foreskin region. This may present as small lumps of filler visible when the foreskin is retracted.

Try to push these lumps out before the filler sets.

If you are unable to, these small lumps may need to be spot dissolved back in the clinic (if you have used a Hyaluronic acid-based filler) and you may lose a small amount of filler as a result.

If you are unsure of anything, call the clinic on 020 3633 0026.

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