Filler Required Estimate

Estimate Only

There is variation from patient to patient due to differences in penis length, thickness and skin elasticity.

Based on measurements provided by approximately 600 patients.

Thickness Increase Estimate

Thickness Increase Estimate

15 ml is the maximum recommended amount per session (in most cases 8-10 ml per session provides the optimum result).

Having too much filler in a single session will result in a poor outcome.

Having too much filler in total (typically more than 20 ml at any one time, depending on penis length) will result in a poor outcome.

* Swelling can take up to 1 month to disappear completely and may be responsible for some of the initial gain in size.

* For an average length penis, 10ml of filler is estimated to thicken the penis by 10% (less increase for a longer than average penis).

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Most patients (except those with a very long penis) should have no more than 20 ml of filler in their penis in total at any one time.

Increasing the thickness of the penis too much will permanently stretch the skin and is more likely to lead to complications.

If the penis is thickened with too much filler (20ml+) the skin will become loose and stretched when the filler goes down.

To be safe, most patients should limit themselves to 10 to 20 ml of filler and be satisfied with a modest gain in penis size.

Encouraging patients to purchase a large amount of filler is good for the clinic’s income but results in problems for the patient.

How Much Filler To Take

It is better to take less at first.

Less filler is better than having too much filler and needing to dissolve some, which is a waste of time and money.

We prefer patients to gradually increase penis size, rather than to have a large amount of filler in one session.

It is always better to have a small amount of a high-quality filler than a large amount of lower quality filler.

How Much is a 1-inch Increase in Penis Girth?

(Answer: A lot !)

To visualise an inch gain in penis thickness.

1. Form a circle with your thumb and index finger.

2. Draw your thumb and index finger apart by an inch.

3. See how much bigger the circle becomes.

An inch increase in girth is very significant on a penis.

How Much Filler To Take

Most patients are about 4.0 to 5.25 inches in circumference when erect.

A patient requesting a 2 or 3-inch girth gain has unrealistic expectations.

Most patients gain between 0.5 and 1.0 inch

Although some have gained over 2 inches (see Before and After photos).

Gaining over 2 inches in thickness involves significant up-front and ongoing maintenance cost.

Average Penis Girth (Erect)

It would probably help our sales to suggest that there are many girthy men out there, and play on insecurities.

However, as you can see from the chart below (and numerous other studies), a penis girth over 6.0 inches is extremely rare.

“The average erect penis girth was 4.97 inches.”

“A penis above 6 inches in girth is exceptionally rare.”

How Much Filler To Take

Average Penis Length

How Much Filler To Take

For those in a long-term relationship, it is advisable to discuss this procedure with your partner beforehand, to better understand their preferences.

Your partner may be perfectly happy with your current penis size.

If you would like a bigger penis purely as a luxury, Androfill is by far the most sensible medical approach.

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