Mons Pubis Liposuction / Monsplasty

Correction of Buried Penis

Men who are overweight may find that a significant proportion of their penis is hidden under excess fat. 

This fat can be removed by the surgeon to bring more of the penis out.

Liposuction to remove fat from the mons pubis area at the base of the penis can make the penis protrude further out from the body and appear longer when flaccid and erect.

Pubic Fat Pad Liposuction

What causes this problem?

Some patients are genetically predisposed to collect fat in the mons pubis region. Patients who are of normal weight or only slightly overweight may nevertheless have a prominent mons pubis for congenital reasons.

A larger mons pubis will also come with weight gain, as the area is a common location for the body to store excess fat. As the fat expands out the penis sinks down into the fat decreasing the visible length of the flaccid and erect penis. Excessive fat deposits can also stretch the skin causing it to become lax and sag, this is made worse with age.

Patients can estimate the potential increase in erect and flaccid length by subtracting their Non-bone Pressed Erect Length or NBPEL from their Bone Pressed Erect Length or BPEL

If the length of the erection is 6 inches when measured with a ruler pressed into the pubic fat pad (until it hits the pelvic bone), but only 4 inches when resting the ruler on the surface, the potential increase in erect and flaccid length is 2 inches (6 inches BPEL – 4 inches NBEL = 2 inches).

Pubic Fat Pad Liposuction

The diagram below shows the area from which fat will be removed, highlighted in blue.

Pubic Fat Pad Liposuction

As we age the problem is made worse by a decrease in the elasticity of the skin, which makes the fat and tissue at the base of the penis more likely to protrude and sag.

Patients complain that their penis seems to have reduced in length over the years as they have gained weight.

The problem can be so severe that the entire penis is completely buried inside the fat when flaccid and erect.

It can be difficult to lose weight in this area with exercise or diet. Even after significant weight loss fat in this area may stubbornly remain.

If the weight gain has been significant, tissue may have become stretched requiring the removal of excess tissue through a pubic lift procedure.

Monsplasty surgery and recovery.

Liposuction of the pubic fat pad or is a procedure in which the patient is sedated (unconscious) for the full procedure which usually takes less than an hour, depending on the complexity of the case. Vaser liposuction is most commonly used as it allows the surgeon to accurately target small areas of fat allowing more fat to be removed, more accurately, than with traditional liposuction.

If the skin has become stretched and lax a pubic lift may also be required to remove excess skin.

Removing excess pubic fat and suturing the skin of the pubis to the muscles can significantly improve the appearance of the area and allow more of the penis to protrude from the body when flaccid and erect, giving the appearance of a longer penis.

Patients will need to take one or two weeks off work, depending on the nature of their job.

Your surgeon may advise you not to undertake rigorous physical exercise, sexual activity, or sport for up to one month following surgery.

It is normal to have significant swelling and bruising after liposuction to this area. The swelling and bruising should disappear around 1 month following your procedure.

After surgery, the appearance of the pubic region is improved and the penis extends further from the body when flaccid and erect.

This can lead to improved self-confidence, including an improvement in relationships if the buried penis had made sexual activity difficult.

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