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Penis size has been a source of anxiety for men throughout history, crossing ethnic and cultural barriers.

Brazilians of the Topinama tribe would endure venomous snake bites to the penis in order to benefit from the swelling. Peruvian and African tribes attached weights to the penis akin to today’s penis traction devices, in order to increase their penile lengths.

The benefits of a larger penis and stigma associated with a smaller penis are frequently alluded to in the media and in the form of casual jokes and innuendo.

There is no doubt that our society is focused on penis size and that penis size, but for the most part, does not matter to women.  The world would probably be an ever so slightly happier and healthier place if men were not bombarded with overt or implied messages extolling the virtues of a larger penis.

The question of whether society should place any value on penis size is one thing; actually living in a society which seems penis obsessed is another.  See, for example, the recent Australian National University study on the impact of penis size on the level of attractiveness.

As a result, men are often resorting to unnecessary surgery to enlarge their penises.

Androfill – Safer Penis Enlargement

There are a large number of men with a natural desire to enlarge the penis, who lack a safe and effective means of doing so.

It is estimated that 2/3 of men will, at some stage, investigate methods of enlarging their penis through penis exercises, vacuum pumps, extenders, or some other technique. The majority will try ineffective and risky methods, such as consuming penis enlargement pills.

The procuring of penis enlargement pills, creams and patches online are inadvisable. Ingredients are often incorrectly specified and manufacturing and handling standards can be poor.

Other methods of enlarging the penis take considerable time and effort and provide little benefit.  For example, penis traction devices involve attaching a loop to the penis head, which can damage the glans penis if too much tension is applied. Penis exercising techniques, such as ‘Jelqing’, are for the most part ineffective; due to the commitment of time and energy required.  For further information, see our section on Penis Enlargement Fact vs Fiction.

To date, the only approach with scientific validity has been penis surgery.

However, surgery is costly, invasive, and requires significant downtime. Further, penis enlargement surgery is not recommended by the UK National Health Service, the NHS:

“…there is little or no evidence to prove the safety or success of operations to increase penis size. Penis enlargement surgery can have complications, and many men are unhappy with the results.”  NHS 04/04/2015

See also the study below available in Medical Studies section in which 83 patients who received penis enlargement with either Macrolane (a brand of Hyaluronic acid) or fat transfer (lipofilling) were retroactively compared.

Sito, Giuseppe; Marlino, Sergio; Santorelli, Adriano

Use of Macrolane VRF 30 [Hyaluronic Acid] in emicircumferential penis enlargement.

– Aesthetic Surgery Journal / The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 33.2 (Feb 2013): 258-64

– Androfill may be beneficial in addressing the issue of ‘size mismatch’ between partners. 

Size incompatibility can be a problem for many couples, who otherwise match perfectly in all respects.  The concept of ideal sexual union, based on the size of sexual organs, was first described in the 3rd century in the Indian text, Kama Sutra.

There has been little progress in realistically addressing the issue of sub-optimal sexual unions. Popular culture, including ‘agony aunt’ type advice, is often to end the relationship before marriage if the sex is unfulfilling or to look for other ways of pleasing the partner in the bedroom.  Ending the relationship or avoiding sex are quite negative approaches to this problem when enlarging the penis has become so simple.

By making available an effective method of increasing the penis girth, your penis size becomes a matter of choice.

In the case of men who have small or micro penises, the reality can be worse, with anxiety at the mere prospect of sexual relationships and the potential for harsh rejection. Offering a real solution by actually increasing the penis size may be more helpful than psychological techniques, focusing on building emotional resilience.

The Androfill procedure does not address the issue of penis length.

As your consultation is with an experienced penoplasty surgeon, you will be advised on the best methods of increasing penis length by other means.

In the flaccid state, Androfill will reduce the retraction of the penis somewhat, due to the added weight of the filler, effectively causing it to fall or hang lower. However, there is no length gain in the erect state.

For men with an average or larger penis :

By lowering the downside risks and the recovery time, it is now common for men with normal or above average penis size to enhance their girth, either for their own sense of self-worth or in consultation with their partners.  Men with average or large penis size, now, comprise the majority of patients seeking girth enhancement.

Men with average or large penis size may not have seriously considered penis enlargement due to the risks involved in traditional penoplasty.

The low risk of complication (addressed here) and the short recovery time are adding to the popularity of the procedure for normal sized men.

For gym-goers and bodybuilders:

For men who have spent considerable time and effort at the gym ‘bulking up,’ there comes a realisation that no amount of exercise will add to the size of the penis.  The girth procedure keeps the penis in proportion to the overall increased body size achieved at the gym.

For those who have given up on penis enlargement pills, creams, traction devices, and exercise.

Please see our section on Penis Enlargement Fact vs Fiction.

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