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Martin, 32, Building Worker & Model.

Link to Martin’s story in The Sun

Martin got his first penis filler nearly two years ago – and he later returned for two more treatments.

He says: “I’ve never had any issue in that area when it comes to partners but when I was single and dating on Tinder, a lot of the girls seemed to be into porn.

“There’s nothing wrong with that but it was a little more exotic than I had been used to. When looking for porn to watch, they would type in things into the search engine like ‘monster c**k’.

“I didn’t realise women thought about penis size that much.  When I had sex with one girl she pulled out all these sex toys that were as big as my arm.

“I thought, ‘Surely, I can’t be hitting all the angles she likes. Is this what women are looking for?’ I’ve never had any woman complain – but I thought maybe they didn’t want to say anything. I got really paranoid.

“It sent me on a bit of a downward spiral.”

Martin, who was single at the time after splitting up with his now wife and mother of his ten-month-old daughter, admits his insecurity had a negative impact on relationships.

He explains: “I put off being intimate with women until we had known each other at least six months. They would ask if something was wrong, if I wasn’t attracted to them.”

But when Martin stumbled across the Androfill clinic online, it was a turning point.  He says: “I spoke to them and they said I was well above average in length. But from their research, they said women seem to focus on girth and I could try the fillers.”

Martin, from Essex, has now had the procedure three times and has gone from a girth of around five inches when flaccid, to more than six.

“She’s had her boobs done and I see it as being sort of the same thing.

“No one else knows I’ve had it done and I’m probably going to get stick at work.

“But I’m planning to have it done again next month. It’s totally worth the cost.”

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Androfill Review
Androfill Review
Androfill Review
Androfill Review
Androfill Review
Androfill Review

Penis Enlargement Forum “Phalloboards”

Hi all, it has now been one year since my first Voluma injection. I had a few top ups over the year so it’s hard to tell many ml I have due to constant reabsorption, it could be 50ml. I am at 7″ girth now (from 5.25″) and well I’m loving it. 

My complications have been really minor, some topical discolouration that I fixed with a sun spot cream, a couple of slightly hardened areas, probability fibrosis which improved a lot after taking some vitamin E for a few weeks or maybe from massaging not sure. As another member has said there is a slight banding feature that develops after around 6 months but as I have been topping up I don’t have it right now. I also have never stopped massaging, at least 3, 4 times a week in a warm shower. I have the suspicion that it could start developing unevenness if I didn’t.

The patient has kindly provided a Before and After of his Clone A Willy – Penis Molding Kit result.

The patient took an exact mould of his penis before 8ml of Androfill HA, and 2 months after.

6 ml to the shaft and 2 ml to the glans.

“My penis is naturally upward curving which is great for most women.

The filler added extra thickness at the right spot to provide extra stimulation to my female companions.

I am pleased with the shape and the size increase of 8 ml.”

Before and After. 2 ml to the glans (penis head); 6 ml to the shaft.

2/3 inch circumference increase.

Patient Testimony

Phalloboards Forum

“Some Background:

I considered different options but preferred to go with something temporarily and reversible. I have been doing PE for many years mainly clamping, stretches and bends exercises with the occasional pumping and hanging. As I was no longer gaining much anymore I decided it was time for a change.”

“After that I had my consultation with Dr. Horn who seems to be a good and professional doctor but of course less chatty than Francis.  I informed him I wanted 20 ML due to my current size. He checked my flaccid hang which unfortunately shrivelled up to a new record, made worse by my Turkey neck (penile Scrotal webbing). He then mentioned he could not do more than 14 ML. I was a little bit bummed out but I took his advice and went with the 14 ML.”

“A few hours later around 7 PM My unit felt a bit sore but nothing major, I barely had any bruising and so I started to massage the lumps and within an hour or so I had all the lumps dissolved.”

“I went to sleep and woke up around 6 AM. All the bruising and swelling from injections was gone (I heal fast). No lumps returned and by the end of the day you could not even see anymore where the injections punctured the skin.

My biggest surprised was how big it got and how amazingly smooth and good it looked. My curve being almost gone as well. I measured my mid shaft girth at 18 cm (7.1 inches) and my flaccid was massive as well though I did not measure it that day.”

Dr Horn has performed more than 1,000 surgical and 2,500 non-surgical penis enlargement procedures over the past 15 years.

A patient, David Brian writes about his experience with Dr Horn in the book Micropenis: The Long and Short of it. (2014)

Extracts of the book are reproduced below.

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EBOPRAS - European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
General Medical Council Membership Dr Gary Horn

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Clinic Director Dr Gary Horn

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Dr Gary Horn is the Lead Surgeon and Director of the Androfill Clinic and is responsible for all website content.

Dr Horn is responsible for the outcome of all medical procedures.

Dr Horn is a registered Plastic Surgeon.

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Dr Gary Horn is a highly acclaimed Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Uro-Andrologist with over 25 years of experience.

Dr Horn has published widely in international journals and is regularly invited to give lectures and to perform live surgery and non-surgical procedures.

Dr Horn has been filmed by the BBC for the Plastic Fantastic series.

In 2016 Dr Horn was filmed performing penis enlargement surgery for a BBC documentary The Penis Extension Clinic

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